Checking LADbible

Introduction For the course Data and (Mis)communication, four (at that time inexperienced) fact checkers went on an investigation spree. As a fact-checking source, the team chose LADbible, which is a news website that originates from the UK. It has a whopping amount of followers on Facebook, namely 34,5 million, that’s double the amount of Dutch […]

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Injecting the right information

Tell me sweet little lies In the past month we have seen a lot of examples of misleading information on a lot of different levels and subjects. We have become aware of the fact that it happens a lot more than we thought and also that the impact of misleading information reaches further that we […]

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But what if I like it in here?

That’s just the way it is We all live in our own bubbles. Everyone is born in a small environment that slowly expands from family, to primary school, to friends etc. Yet we have trouble doing something that is completely outside our known bubble (comfort zone). This takes effort and we are uncertain about the […]

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